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With over 15 years of experience in  towing,  Etowah Towing is located in Woodstock Georgia, But we service a  wide geographic area. We offer professional service at reasonable rates,  and our local to long distance capabilities are designed for vehicles  of all shapes and sizes. From the classic restored beauty, to the  fuel-efficient commuter, our business is designed to provide the safest  transport for any make and model of automobile or truck. affordable  service

  • Towing
    At Etowah Towing, we believe a business must act  responsibly within a code of ethics that helps guide it through business  each day. We consider all of the various entities and persons that we  encounter on a daily basis to be unique. We also respect their dignity,  and recognize the merit of all individuals involved in our enterprise.  As a result, we are dedicated to acting with integrity, being  accountable, and serving customers the way they would like to be served.
  • Mission Statement
    At Etowah Towing, our mission is to provide professional,  prompt, and damage-free towing and roadside assistance. Etowah Towing  also provides towing for contracted agencies. We fulfill this mission by  making customer service, customer satisfaction, and superior work  quality our top priority.
  • How We Measure
    The use of metrics for measuring critical success factors  has been a key to our success. Our business is built on response times,  meaning the quicker we respond, the more value we are delivering to our  customers. We feel this metric, in large part, allows us to deliver a  greater return on investment to those who depend on our services.
  • Our Strategy
    Vehicles and the need to have them towed will be a  constant, however, we view our industry to be one of incredible growth.  Our region’s upward growth in the last decade alone, coupled with the  projected growth for years to come has convinced us more business is  available in the future for those who prepare in the present.
  • Keys To Success
    Working smarter than the competition, and utilizing the  best practices around has translated into success for Etowah Towing Inc.  Additionally, development of our current team, and harvesting new  talent is of paramount importance to our future success. We value our  customer’s feedback, and make improvements whenever necessary.
  • Our Philosophy
    The Etowah Towing philosophy is simple: Raise the standards  of our industry, promote community responsibility, provide prompt and  professional services to our customers, and become a recognized leader  in the towing community. This has been extremely successful for building  morale and solidarity within our company.

We're committed to serving you with honesty, quality, and value. 

Etowah Towing in Woodstock, Ga. And surrounding area”s is 24 Hour Towing Service.         Our friendly, experienced tow operators will keep your vehicle in  top condition.        We use the latest towing technology to provide high-quality  service and quick turnaround.       We also offer competitive pricing with flat rates. It's the  convenient way to know what it will cost you.       From break downs to accidents, we’ve got you covered. We know what  we’re doing, and we’re dedicated to keeping you safe on the road. Your  satisfaction is our highest priority. Our top of the line equipment and  experience can assist our customers 24/7 with licensed,  professional, and affordable service. also offer complete, 24hr roadside  assistance services including jump starts, and lock out services. Junk  Car Removal. Need assistance in removing a junk car? We'll help you get  rid of your junk car


      We also offer contract towing for auto repair shops and dealer  Service centers. We can assist most insurance companies, and offer  direct billing accounts to repair shops, body shops and dealer service  centers.

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