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What if I do not have the title?

We will make every effort to buy your vehicle. As long as you can provide your driver's license and a current copy of your registration, we will make you an offer. If this is the case, please let us know as soon as possible.

How much is my car worth?

Each vehicle is priced on an individual basis based on year, make, model, condition, and missing parts. We ask you determining questions and based on your answers, we give you a guaranteed quote within minutes.

What types of vehicles do you purchase? 

We purchase just about any type of vehicle regardless of condition or if they run or not including cars, trucks, vans, mini vans, and suv's of almost any year, make, and model

First make sure you have or know where your vehicle’s ownership documents are. After you have your documents in order give us a call, text or email with the description of your vehicle. A description is the year, model, mileage and what’s wrong with the car, if anything.

After you give us the description the next step is quote.

I’m sure we can make a deal. After that, we set up an appointment to pick up the car. Our schedule is pretty flexible, and we even buy on weekends and holidays.

Types of Car Weight

Did you know that your car weight is measured in different ways? While you may not know your car’s exact weight, it is useful to know the various methods of weighing it. Then, if asked, you know exactly what weight you’re looking for. Here are the various car weight types:

• Gross Vehicle Weight – This is the weight of a car with all cargo and passengers inside.

• Curb Weight – This is the weight of a car without the driver, passengers, or cargo

• Payload – this weight is the weight of the car, equipment, passengers, and anything else that may be towed.

• Gross Vehicle Weight Rating – This is the maximum total weight your car can handle including drivers, passengers, and cargo.

• Gross Combined Weight – If you’re pulling a trailer, this measurement includes the weight of your car and the trailer.

• Maximum Load Trailer Weight – This measurement is similar to the gross combined rate. However, this includes the weight of a fully loaded trailer.

• Gross Axle Weight – This is the amount of weight that is currently being supported by each axle.

• Gross Axle Weight Rating – This is the maximum amount of weight the axle can support.

The price of your junk car depends on a few things, but mainly the weight

Examples of Car Weights by Class

Now that you have an idea of the various types of weight you may be asked about, let’s look at the curb weight for cars based on their class or category.

• Compact Car (e.g. Chrysler PT Cruiser) – average weight of 2.9 tons

• Midsized Cars (e.g. Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme) – average weight of 3.4 tons

• Large Cars – average weight of 4.3 tons

• Compact Trucks or SUVs (e.g. Ford Ranger) – average weight of 3.4 tons

• Midsized Truck or SUV (e.g. Chevrolet Blazer) – average weight of 4.2 tons

Scrap Prices

There’s one more factor that’s worth mentioning when it comes to assessing the value of your used car, particularly when it comes to vehicles that are designated “poor” or “damaged” and don’t have much – if any – serviceable driving life beyond their sale: automotive scrap metal prices.

Yes, some used vehicles will just be designated for the salvage yard, which is why the fluctuating costs of scrap metal prices can play a big role. Scrap metal prices vary, but they’re typically assessed by the ton. Keep in mind that the average vehicle weighs about 4,000 pounds, and much of this weight is metal. In fact, about 55 percent of the average vehicle is made of steel. Here’s a look at some ballpark scrap metal prices, per ton:

• Steel: $345

• Sheetmetal: $265

• HMS: $345

• Shredded scrap: $365

• Bundle: $385

• Busheling: $395

• Steel castings: $360

Keep in mind that prices vary based on the condition of the vehicle. For instance, if a vehicle has been totaled and won’t see the light of day again, the damaged metal may be worth much less – if anything. However, there’s a good chance that scrap metal may become much more valued in the short-term thanks to the increasingly volatile trade relations between the U.S. and China. As off all 2018, there’s a 10 percent tariff tax on hundreds of imports from China, including metals. Unless relations improve by January 1, 2019, that tariff tax will increase to 25 percent.

How Do Scrap Prices Affect the Value of my Junk Car?

The average car contains 2,400 pounds of steel. The average truck contains 3,000 pounds. That accounts for about 55 percent of the car’s total weight. There’s also approximately 300 pounds of aluminum in the average vehicle.

When a car junker purchases your vehicle, what they’re really buying is the value of that scrap metal by the ton. Steel, aluminum, copper and other metals can be sold for cash to scrap metal dealers. Those scrap metal dealers, in turn, sell the metal to manufacturers who recycle the metal and turn it into new cars, building materials, wire, smartphones and other items we use every day.

The price for scrap metal varies based on demand. If car manufacturers aren’t making many cars, the price of steel and aluminum drops. If builders aren’t constructing new homes and apartment buildings, the price of metal also drops.

Right now demand for metal is low and supply is high. That means prices are low. In fact, the price of steel has fallen from $480 per ton in February 2015 to $50 in early 2016. You can see the precipitous drop.

The Wall Street Journal calls junk car dealers “the latest victims of the commodities bust.” They interviewed several auto scrap yard owners who confirm they’ve gone from paying consumers $400 for the average car to between $50 and $100. The Institute for Scrap Recycling Industries notes that 50 scrap metals yards have ceased operations altogether. Others have stopped selling cars and are simply stockpiling them until prices come back up.

Like gold and silver, scrap metal prices can change within the same day, often even several times. Have you ever tried to sell your junk car for cash? Were you told you’d receive a lesser amount than what you were originally quoted? If so, it could be due to the change in prices.


It is a lot more common to see scrap metal prices change weekly than daily. The changes are generally altered by a few cents per pound. Because of minimal price changes, many junk car buyers check scrap metal prices weekly and adjust their rates then. That is unless the change is drastic and will cause them to lose a lot of money.

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