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NON CONSENSUAL TOWING. non consensual towing private impound towing Woodstock Ga, Holly Springs Ga, Acworth Ga, Cherokee County Ga non-consensual towing private property

Private Impound Towing Services


Private Impound Towing Services

Do you have an abandoned or illegally parked vehicle on your commercial property or Residential property that needs to be towed?

Etowah Towing provides towing of illegally parked vehicles or equipment on your commercial or residential property, call  Etowah Towing for reliable 24/7 towing service in Woodstock and surrounding areas.  We offer impound towing services with commercial and Residential towing services ranging from shopping centers to apartment complexes, rental houses, private residences . We offer business and retail towing services 24/7 to remove illegally parked or abandoned vehicles.

If you’re a business fill out the contract sign it and email it or fax it back to us. Signs have to be posted for 24 hours before impounding begins. Each entrance will need to be covered with a sign. The sign requirements are also attached to the contract.

Private Residences do not require a sign or contract you have to be the home owner.

For more info or to send out the signed contract for businesses and let us know how many signs you will need you can contact us at.

Ph: (770) 926-1711

Fax: (770) 627-5949 non-consensual towing private property

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Info Owner Needs Reclaim Private Impound Vehicle


(1) An attendant must be available at the impound facility during normal business hours to provide reasonable access to any towed vehicle six days of each week. The attendant must be available by phone 24 hours per day. The attendant shall have the authority to release any impounded vehicle upon the owner meeting the legal requirements for release. Any person claiming a vehicle impounded under the non consensual towing permit shall produce evidence of such person’s identity and ownership or right of possession and shall pay all towing charges and storage fees which shall have accrued with respect to the vehicle. No storage fees will be charged for any days the secure impound facility is closed and the owner is unable to claim the vehicle. 

(2) The vehicle owner or owner’s agent shall produce a valid driver’s license plus an ignition key which operates the vehicle, and evidence of ownership such as a certificate of title, a valid and current registration card, bill of sale, or a lease or rental contract. 

(3) A receipt listing the specific charges for towing and storage of the vehicle shall be issued to the owner or agent claiming the vehicle and the attendant shall retain a copy of the receipt. The receipt must be signed by the owner or agent claiming the vehicle and by the attendant. Such receipt shall identify the vehicle and shall become part of the wrecker service’s record. . private impound towing  Acworth Ga, Holly Springs Ga, Woodstock Ga private property non-consensual towing

Call(770) 926-1711 for access 24 hrs

DPS Non - Consensual Towing Rates

Maximum Rate Tariff non consensual towing private impound towing non-consensual towing private property

Private Impound Rates (pdf)